Alexandria Residential Bat Removal

Residential Bat Removal is a common service we provide. The most common problems associated with bats are: bats in the attic, bats in walls, bats in chimneys, and bats in the house. Virginia's bat problem has been on the rise for the last decade and will continue to rise as the bats natural habitat continues to be reduced by housing developments, and strip malls. Animal Control Solutions has been solving bat problems for homeowners since 1993. We offer Safe, Effective, and Complete solutions to solve all types of Virginia residents bat problems.

Alexandria Bats in the Attic

Virginia residents commonly experience problems with bats in the attic space. Bat removal is a very common complaint that wildlife control companies receive during the late spring through late fall. This is when the bats of Virginia are the most active. Once a bat has found its way into an attic space they will form a small colony that can eventually turn into a very large colony if the problem goes unaddressed. This can become a very serious problem and a health hazard for the residents of the home. With a large colony of bats come a copious amount of bat guano that may contain Histoplasmosis. This can be very dangerous if breathed in. Anytime a bat infestation is discovered immediately contact a wildlife control company that specializes in bats. Call us today we will be happy to assess any bat problem and make appropriate recommendations to completely solve the problem.

Alexandria Bats in the Wall

Bats in the wall is a common occurrence that is often associated with having bats in the attic. When a bat occupies the attic area, often it will find a void in a wall where either a vent or cable was ran down the wall, this lets the bat getting into the wall void. Which makes a perfect place for a bat to be, its very quiet, inaccessible for humans and most of all its WARM! Interior walls will absorb the heat from inside the home or building, making the wall void basically the same temperature as the inside of the house. This is great for the bats, In the spring and in the fall. In the summer the bats will be found in the attic area, because they need the heat to help raise their babies. (think incubator) In the winter, the bats will not occupy the walls because of their need to lower their body temperature, this lets all the body functions of the bat slow down. This is the state that is known as hibernation.

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